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Tank Battle game with lots potential

Feb/08/2019   By LemonTea Verified Buyer

Loved it!
GunBarre-l 1st
$6.17 / 648JPY
Customize tanks and characters. Then fight with other tanks!
Inc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGComike91
  • Release: Feb/12/2017
  • Purchased: 4x

Keywords the reviewer selected :

On first glance I thought it's a classic arcade shooting tank game but there are different aspect in this game. If you like tanks and cute anime character you should try this game!

Things I like in this game:
+ Energy system that make you have to play with tactic (take enemy one by one on tight spot, lure them and make them get damaged by friendly fire or barrel explosion)
+ Cute character and tank models and they are customisable
+ Various weapons and tank part with their pro and cons (My favourite is the twin barrel machine gun with tracked wheel, i find the mecha turret turn rate too fast for me for making accurate shot)

Things I like to suggest to developer:
+ Add more game mode (Multiplayer or Single player with AI): story mode, deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, challenge mode, soccer, boss battle
+ Add upgrade tank stats and equipment
+ More tank types, customization options for character and tanks, more challenging AI or difficulty select
+ Bigger map, more objects to destroy, traps like land mine, more map theme (dessert, snow, tundra, etc), mud can slow down your vehicle (terrain effect) certain tank track type can negate this effect
+ Power up on map that you can pickup
+ Multiplayer
+ Achievement and unlockable (with hints how to unlock them), example: defeat stage 2-1 to unlock weapon B, kill 100 tanks to unlock accesorry C, defeat boss X to unlock secret tank preset, game mode etc
+ Tank and character save preset feature so player
+ Description on tank part (pro and cons like bigger damage but higher energy consumption)
+ Add voice acting (selectable)
+ English language support

Thank you very much aodama-tei for making such great game, I have high hope to see the next version or series of this game.

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A must play game for shmup fans

Jan/15/2019   By egs5000 Verified Buyer

Loved it!
Naut Mark
$12.35 / 1,296JPY
5 stages of frenetic 2D sidescrolling shooting
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Jun/22/2015
  • Purchased: 97x
  • (5)

Keywords the reviewer selected :

I am late to finding out about this game apparently as it was released in 2015, but I'm so glad it was recommended to me. A very fun game overall that is visually appealing and challenging. The practice mode is a nice addition which makes working on 1cc runs easier. One of the best SHMUPs I've played recently and already one of my favorites, I think I will be playing it for a while. The overall package is really special top to bottom, and the game runs great.

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Good. Looks more like watercolor up close.

Nov/06/2018   By redpandagames Top Reviewer: 2nd Verified Buyer

Til Sep. 17, 2 p.m. (JST)
2D Medieval Fantasy Character Pack
Game Material Store
$9.78 $19.5650% OFF / 1,026JPY2,052JPY
30x characters in 2893x4092 high resolution in PNG and PSD file format! For your creation of games, comics and web pages etc.!
  • Release: Apr/20/2018
  • Purchased: 11x

I thought these were good. I didn't anticipate the style to be as watercolor as it is, but it's more apparent when close up. The files are separated into separate .png files and .psd files. The files are quite large and require being downloaded into one folder and using the DLsite installer to unwrap them into one location. It's easy to do if you follow the instructions. Again, these are not cel shaded, but the watercolor painting smooths out when resized to a smaller image.

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Girlish Fighter

Oct/31/2018   By OkNo10 Verified Buyer

Girlish Fighter
Ex Fish Meat Village
$18.53 / 1,944JPY
This is a boxing girl raising simulator!! Punch down rivals to the glorious champion road!
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Oct/25/2018
  • Purchased: 15x

This game is pretty nice. You are able to jump into a small world of all-female boxers and you get to choose between three girls at the start. Not only are you able to do the usual leveling of your parameters, the other girls level up at their pace too. This system really is mostly not great because they tend to grow faster than you (except the lower ranks). Aside from gameplay, it is 90% in Japanese so you will have a really hard time understanding what to do in detail. It is easy enough to start playing regardless, but if you want to get strong or have any chance of tackling the game in its' entirety you must learn what is what and experience the trial and error as we usually do in untranslated games :) .

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Highly recommend

Oct/04/2018   By mk1354 Verified Buyer

Loved it!
Walking with Sound of the Bells
Tomimi Retreat
$3.08 / 324JPY
Presenting relaxing moments with Ten's ear cleaning. (CVs: Renge Toudou / Sakura Kohinata)
HealingShrine MaidenEar CleaningAnimal EarsTail
  • Release: Feb/22/2018
  • Purchased: 92x
  • (22)

A very fitting end to the seriese.
I'd definitely suggest listening to the previous works in the series for better understanding of the development of their relationship.
The voice work by Renge is stellar. She has a range of different characters and roles, but her voice work as Ten, I believe is the best one; it makes it effortless for me to believe that I'm with an actual cute loli Japanese fox goddess next to me.
The ambient sounds and sound effects and amazing. At any moment there are at least 2 and up to 3 or 4 layers of sounds making the world more believable. It is very clever that they incorporate a bell to her design as an aural indicator of where she is and convey her movement especially while walking along with her.

I must say I am a little bit disappointed by the illustration this time, so I just open the one from the last one which I believe to be the best one.

To say the least, I thoroughly enjoy listening to all 4 installments. It impresses me every I listen to them; from the voice work, script, and the sound editing and mixing, I can tell that they have a lot of passion for their peojec and I'd like to supporr them in ways I can and hopefully with future works by them!

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Very rewarding Shoot 'Em Up

Sep/25/2018   By Neon Henchman Top Reviewer: 45th Verified Buyer

Loved it!
Til Sep. 17, 2 p.m. (JST)
$1.54 $3.0850% OFF / 162JPY324JPY
A frenetic space shooter in the style of N*mco classic BOSC*NIAN! Created and presented by SPRITE.
Inc. Music
  • Release: Nov/11/2012
  • Purchased: 37x
  • (8)

Keywords the reviewer selected :

Really fun Shoot 'Em Up, I already liked Bosc*nian, which rewarded skillful play, but this game here does a few things that set it appart.

It's a score attack shooter where the goal is to destroy enemy bases while avoiding their onslaught of bullets and ships, you may destroy these bases by either attacking the core first, or get more points by destroying its components, it's a game that rewards you with more points if you're reckless.

Unlike in Bosc*nian, if you hold the fire button, you can hold the angle of your shots, allowing you to dodge enemy shots without looking away from the enemy bases, this keeps the action going. Plus, you can dispel enemy shots if you dodge at the right time using your ship's boosters.

The only drawback is that the plasma power ups fade out at random, or at least there's no visible timer; I would have the upgraded shots for quite a while, while on the other hand lose it quickly, which can screw you over a few times.

Overall though it's a very fun Shooter that moves at a breakneck speed.

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A tightly focused sleeping aid

Sep/18/2018   By Inheritor Verified Buyer

A Midday Ear Clean & Nap on the Porch
Tomimi Retreat
$1.02 / 108JPY
Enjoy a soothing simulated experience with Yui Asami. About 46 minutes.
HealingASMREar Cleaning
  • Release: Aug/25/2014
  • Purchased: 70x
  • (33)

Keywords the reviewer selected :

A must have for mimikaki fans. Short compared to other Tomimi Retreat works but still a great value, especially if you're mainly just looking for ear cleaning. They could have padded the time with lots of silence or random miscellaneous noises, but they didn't, and I appreciate that. Instead, you get 20 minutes of focused, quality ear cleaning. The sound design is rich and varied, ranging from light scritches to cottony flicks to deep, soothing sweeps. The work is punctuated with just enough dialogue to enhance the sense of realism, without being so much that it dilutes the ear cleaning sounds. Yui Asami's performance here is mainly soft and calming, with just a touch of cute, a perfect complement to the theme of a "midday nap". Not too loud or energetic, but not too monotonous or emotionless either. The ear cleaning segues naturally to the sound of sleeping breathing sounds, which wrap up the experience quite nicely.

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