DLsite Streaming App: DLsite Play

More titles and features!

DLsite Play, which offers an instant viewing of products in browser without downloading
and extracting zipped files, becomes compatible with movie and copy-controlled works.
Adding 3,200 more products, over 55,000 titles are now supported in total!

Enhanced features are scheduled for August 2015!

  • Folders for products
  • Playlists for voice/music works
  • Bookmarking on exit and syncing between PC and smart mobile devices
  • The ability to browse and download products not available for browser streaming


Buy products and view them on the spot!

Switch to the two page view!

View the list of purchased products

View serial images with dedicated viewer

View a product while playing audio works from another product


Windows / Mac
Latest version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari
Safari with iOS 12 or greater
Latest version of Google Chrome with Android 6.0 or greater


  • You need to have a DLsite account to use DLsite Play.
  • DLsite Play is a streaming service; you need a connection to the Internet.
  • This app is in development. Appearance and functions are subject to change.