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          Translated: Jan/18/2021
          English Ver.
          Girls Beat! Plus -Yuu Hiiragi vs Rie-
          The Nation of Head Scissors
          $7.43 / 770JPY
          Busty martial artist Yuuna Hiiragi receives a a hardcore pounding from her bigtime fan Rie in this cat-fight manga. Face-pounding, bleeding, intense choking and more await poor Yuuna.
          DLsite Official Translation
          Wrestler/Fighter Fighting/Martial Arts Cat Fight Violence SM Verbal Humiliation Torture Blood/Bleeding

          New Indie / Doujin Titles

          Released on Jan/25/2021 (0 works)

          Til Feb. 8, midnight (JST)
          [All Ages] Will You Come 'Round My Place Again? ~Secret Lovey Talk with Regional Idol Rin~
          $3.61 $4.2415%OFF / 374JPY440JPY
          You receive a sudden phone call from your favorite regional idol, Rin. The more the two of you get to talk, the deeper your relation becomes... (CV: Yomogi Ashitaba) This is the all-ages version.
          Moe Totally Happy ASMR Entertainer/Idol/Model Love Comedy/Romcom Whispering Ponytail
          A Good Morning Every Day - Little Sister Noa 1 Week Pack
          $4.24 / 440JPY
          Every morning, someone gives you a "good morning" to brighten the day!
          Moe Girl Loli Younger Sister Slice of Life/Daily Living Heartwarming Long Hair

          Released on Jan/24/2021 (0 works)

          Shonioya! ~Issho ni Oyasumi Project~ I Want to Relax with Shizune~
          Dengeki G's magazine
          $13.80 / 1,430JPY
          The fourth work in the Issho ni Oyasumi series! Spend some relaxing time with your young childhood friend. (CV: Rina Hidaka)
          Wholesome Healing Binaural ASMR Ear Cleaning
          Armed Girl's Machiavellism - Slightly Sadistic Blonde's Bubbly ASMR Delight - Mary Kikakujou
          Dengeki G's magazine
          $19.11 / 1,980JPY
          The second in a series of ASMR works based on Armed Girl's Machiavellism features French girl Mary Kikakujou!
          Wholesome Healing Binaural ASMR Ear Cleaning Slice of Life/Daily Living

          Released on Jan/23/2021 (0 works)

          Released on Jan/22/2021 (0 works)

          Til Feb. 4, midnight (JST)
          Wild Cat ~Comforting a Worn Out Pickpocket Kitty~ [All-ages]
          $5.20 $7.4330%OFF / 539JPY770JPY
          Someone crashes into you from behind, and that wallet you just used to pay a prostitute earlier is...gone!? Wild Cat: "Oh, you noticed, huh? Dammit!" This would prove to be the start of your relationship...
          Male Protagonist Binaural Girl Fantasy Age Disparity Whispering Short Hair Blonde Hair

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