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          New Indie / Doujin Titles

          Released on Nov/29/2020 (0 works)

          Til Dec. 7, midnight (JST)
          Ruriiro Days ~Heavenly Blue~
          Virtual Novel
          $27.05 $33.8120%OFF / 2,816JPY3,520JPY
          A Vtuber x visual novel "virtual novel"!
          Hot/Burning Emotional/Touching Male Protagonist Oneesan/Older Girl/Older Sister School/Academy Comedy Lovers
          Til Dec. 12, midnight (JST)
          Trance Healing Trip
          $5.91 $8.4530%OFF / 616JPY880JPY
          Enjoy ear cleaning and ASMR with half-elf Alicia and her auditory magic. (CV: Akari Yuzuki)
          Wholesome Healing Binaural ASMR Magician/Witch Ear Cleaning Magic Whispering

          Released on Nov/28/2020 (0 works)

          Til Dec. 25, midnight (JST)
          Bondage T*hsaka, Isht*l, Er*shkigal
          Mix Station
          $6.28 $7.3915%OFF / 654JPY770JPY
          A CG set themed on three heroines from the F*te series in bondage (T*hsaka, Isht*r, Er*shkigal)
          Moe Legs Buttocks Bondage Restraint Twin Tail
          English Ver.
          Physical Exorcism: Case 01
          $3.17 / 330JPY
          When the world is stacked against you, not even supernatural abilities always lead to financial success.
          English Ver.
          Loser Reborn
          $5.28 / 550JPY
          It all started with the accident...
          Til Dec. 25, midnight (JST)
          Chikuon Rail Kakaa (CV: Mai Nagai)
          $13.31 $19.0230%OFF / 1,386JPY1,980JPY
          Take a cycling trip and a walk through the Akagi mountains with Raillord Kakaa (CV: Mai Nagai).
          Moe Healing Binaural ASMR Girl Ear Cleaning Whispering
          [Stereophonic Sound] Relaxing Hypnosis - Suzuka
          $7.39 / 770JPY
          A binaurally recorded / stereophonic sound hypnosis audio work. CV: Korisu
          Healing Binaural Hypnotic Voice
          Flowers of Memory, Binding Dreams, The End of the Scattering World - episode 3 -
          $10.56 / 1,100JPY
          Within the blooming flowers of this world reside the memories and souls of humanity. And one girl is able to read the flowers... A story within a story...
          Hot/Burning Emotional/Touching Loli Serious Fantasy
          $5.28 / 550JPY
          A collection of works by manarw.
          Fetish Buttocks Breasts

          Released on Nov/27/2020 (0 works)

          Shall We Fall Sleep Together?
          Miel Sirene
          $5.28 / 550JPY
          An audio work about sleeping alongside a busty loli. Recorded without cutting environmental sounds.
          ASMR Romance Romance

          Released on Nov/26/2020 (0 works)

          Girls Beat! -vs Yuuna Hiiragi & Miu Hiiragi
          The Nation of Head Scissors
          $7.39 / 770JPY
          The pair of beautiful martial arts sisters are ready to lay down yet another brutal beatdown on a poor guy seeking a revenge match. He must suffer though the big sister's locks and the little sister's punches...a hardcore reverse ryona manga.
          Legs Wrestler/Fighter Fighting/Martial Arts Cat Fight Verbal Humiliation Submissive Man
          Status Change Festival
          $10.56 / 1,100JPY
          More status changes to enjoy.
          Body Modification

          Released on Nov/25/2020 (0 works)

          English Ver.
          Anime"Kann-chan gets the lunar rock."
          Atelier Tuki
          $5.28 / 550JPY
          A light-hearted animation about a cat's journey in space.
          Healing Anime Animal/Pet SF Heartwarming Fantasy
          Symphonic Poems Adventurous
          YUJIBOY SHOP
          $57.06 / 5,940JPY
          Orchestra music for RPGs. 30 tracks included

          Released on Nov/24/2020 (0 works)

          Til Nov. 30, midnight (JST)
          NearEar Heartbeat by Kotori Koiwai
          $15.21 $19.0220%OFF / 1,584JPY1,980JPY
          Relax in a futon with the sound of voice actress Kotori Koiwai's breaths and heartbeat.
          Healing Binaural ASMR
          $10.56 / 1,100JPY
          A full color manga depicting a match between girls from the Wr*stle Angels series!
          Wholesome Hot/Burning Sports Fighting/Martial Arts Cat Fight
          Female Body Pose Collection - Seated Pose (Chair)
          DESSIN POSE
          $2.11 / 220JPY
          A multi-angle pose collection featuring a 3D figure. Tracing and commercial use permitted.
          3D Works
          Til Nov. 30, midnight (JST)
          OshigotoNeiro - Pet Groomer -
          $15.21 $19.0220%OFF / 1,584JPY1,980JPY
          Become a cat or a dog and spend a nice time getting your hair cut by a kindly pet groomer (CV: Yukiyo Fujii)
          Wholesome Healing Binaural ASMR Slice of Life/Daily Living
          Anubis Gate
          Free As Birds
          $3.17 / 330JPY
          A metal concept album -- enjoy the story while you rock out!

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