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          Translated: Dec/07/2019
          English Ver.
          Last Island
          Fox Muffler
          $15.19 $30.3850% OFF / 1,650JPY3,300JPY
          Explore the wide-open plains and discover the secret of the beautiful island! A 3D battle action game set in a large open world!
          DLsite Official Translation
          Clothes Changing/Dress upMagic

          New Indie / Doujin Titles

          Audience :

          Released on Dec/11/2019 (0 works)

          Sumire Hoshino from Joushuu
          Rain and Stars in the Bathtub
          $2.02 / 220JPY
          A love story about a girl from Gunma named Sumire.
          MoeHealingDialect (Language)
          Til Jan. 7, midnight (JST)
          After Confessing to a Bullied Girl...FOREVER!!
          $5.46 $6.0710% OFF / 594JPY660JPY
          Third and last release of the Bullied Confession series. While worrying about your future together, and what she thinks, enjoy your time with Doll today as well.
          MoeTotally HappySerial ProductLovey Dovey/Sweet LoveLoversBoyish Girl
          Short Circuit 3 Twin Bit Edition
          Sound Optimize
          $18.23 / 1,980JPY
          Collection of royalty-free retro-style music for use in RPGs, action games, etc. All tracks are loopable.
          Short Circuit 3 Future Bit Edition
          Sound Optimize
          $10.12 / 1,100JPY
          Collection of royalty-free retro-style music for use in RPGs, action games, etc. All tracks are loopable.
          Short Circuit 3 Retro Bit Edition
          Sound Optimize
          $10.12 / 1,100JPY
          Collection of royalty-free retro-style music for use in RPGs, action games, etc. All tracks are loopable.
          Wallpaper of Magic Knight
          $5.06 / 550JPY
          A set of Magic Knight R*yearth wallpapers for PC. 2 variations!
          AnimeMagicYuri/Girls LoveMagical Girl
          Til Dec. 24, midnight (JST)
          Big Brother's Lover is a Robot 2
          $2.73 $3.0310% OFF / 297JPY330JPY
          Big brother's lover is a robot! A Brother-complex little sister vs brother's lover robot comedy.
          Serial ProductLove Comedy/RomcomComedyYounger SisterOlder BrotherRobot/Android

          Released on Dec/10/2019 (0 works)

          Til Jan. 6, midnight (JST)
          Ayakashi Nostalgia ~Ushi-oni Tooko~ (Ear Cleaning)
          $7.79 $11.1430% OFF / 847JPY1,210JPY
          The kind ushi-oni Tooko continues looking after and protecting your household from generation to generation. Enjoy sweet healing time with her. CV: Kawashimarino
          HealingBinauralASMREar CleaningHeartwarmingNonhuman/Monster Girl
          Til Dec. 23, midnight (JST)
          Youkai Afternoon: Rainy Touhou Jazz (Perfect Cherry Blossom)
          Samidare Communications
          $9.11 $10.1210% OFF / 990JPY1,100JPY
          Jazz arrangements of Touhou songs, featuring the sound of rain.
          The Pants Man #58
          Mikuna Shirohashi
          $6.07 / 660JPY
          More stories of the pants master from the pants planet.
          Leave it to the Cooking Music Box!
          Mikuna Shirohashi
          $8.10 / 880JPY
          An original story about a mysterious music box that cooks.
          Emotional/TouchingHealingShojo MangaFantasy
          Til Jan. 6, midnight (JST)
          FATIMA 2
          ayato sound create
          $10.63 $15.1930% OFF / 1,155JPY1,650JPY
          Second set of music assets geared towards hard sci-fi projects. 20 tracks, a variety of file formats included
          Pose Art Materials
          $5.06 / 550JPY
          Pose art materials for a girl, and 4 boys.
          Blonde HairBlack HairTwin TailTanned Skin/Suntan

          Released on Dec/9/2019 (0 works)

          Seaside View
          Clan House
          $4.05 / 440JPY
          A set of full-color illustrations of seaside scenery. Enjoy various views of the sea at night, in the evening, during snowy winter, and more.
          Til Jan. 2, midnight (JST)
          Alcohol Illustration Materials
          $0.70 $1.0130% OFF / 77JPY110JPY
          A collection of illustrated alcohol materials.
          Slice of Life/Daily LivingCooking/Gourmet

          Released on Dec/8/2019 (0 works)

          Halftime Drama: Christmas Stories ~A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker~
          $18.23 / 1,980JPY
          Retellings of two Christmas classics, A Christmas Carol and The Nutcracker.
          Royalty-Free Christmas Song "My Boyfriend is OTAKU CLAUS"
          C_O (B_SIDE)
          $1.01 / 110JPY
          An 80s/90s idol-style pop song about an otaku couple's Christmas.
          Emotional/TouchingTotally HappyLove Comedy/RomcomLoversRomance

          Released on Dec/7/2019 (0 works)

          Til Dec. 16, midnight (JST)
          Mimiken #5 - Mei Satsuki [Binaural Ear Cleaning ]
          HONEY BEE
          $4.96 $7.0930% OFF / 539JPY770JPY
          Mei Satsuki may be small and cute, she may look good in a maid outfit, but she's actually a third year! What's more, she's president of the Ear Cleaning Club (well, was)
          HealingEar CleaningWhispering
          Til Jan. 3, midnight (JST)
          Healing Ear Cleaner ~Homura~
          $4.05 $5.0620% OFF / 440JPY550JPY
          Fireside tea and ear cleaning. CV: Shuuki Sakuno
          HealingBinauralASMREar CleaningKimono/Japanese Clothes
          Curling Club, The 1st End
          $15.19 / 1,650JPY
          Our heroine moves back to her hometown after 8 years, and is heartened to find that her middle school now has a curling club.
          Female ProtagonistSlice of Life/Daily LivingSportsHeartwarming
          Gangut and the Beanstalk
          $3.03 / 330JPY
          A disagreement on Setsubun leads to the growth of a massive beanstalk! How high will it grow?
          Battle Doll Solt
          $1.01 / 110JPY
          Manga where a doll named Solt fights ghosts with a Japanese sword.
          MoeHot/BurningSeinen MangaFighting/Martial ArtsLoliOffice Lady
          Tsukiwani's Fantasy Graphic Materials for Games and More
          $10.12 / 1,100JPY
          Fantasy graphic materials containing primarily monster illustrations. Free for use in game or other products.
          Ambient Horror Music Materials (21 tracks)
          $10.12 / 1,100JPY
          21 pieces of ambient horror music. Can be used for a variety of projects including adult-only content and commercial products.

          Released on Dec/6/2019 (0 works)

          Halftime Drama: Russian Classics ~Crime and Punishment, First Love~
          $18.23 / 1,980JPY
          A retelling of two classics of Russian literature, Crime and Punishment and First Love.
          Flowers of Memory, Binding Dreams, The End of the Scattering World - episode 1 -
          $10.12 / 1,100JPY
          Two girls meet in a world where the rain never stops falling...The lost amnesiac Tadori and a girl who calls herself the Dream-Reader, Shikura. Shikura is able to read the memories stored inside flowers.
          Sweet Doll
          Shoujo Haitai Romanesque
          $5.06 / 550JPY
          A collection of Touhou Project illustrations from artist Tsurugi Ichikawa.
          Chirarism (Peeping)SocksGirlLoliYounger SisterKnee Socks
          Reincarnated Dragon Wishes This: 5 (Side Story of Pleiades' Both Legs)
          BARE FEET
          $4.05 / 440JPY
          A side story of "Pleiade's both legs", an original multi-species fantasy manga. Two gods disagree over how to interact with creatures on the earth.
          Serial ProductSeriousFantasyKemo/Animalization/Transfur
          Catering At Bar Housyou 10
          Rojiura no Roman Dou
          $7.09 / 770JPY
          Ship girls working at Bar Housyou cook for other ship girls. Volume 10 of an essay-ish comic.
          Slice of Life/Daily LivingMilitaryCooking/Gourmet
          Japanese Anime Voices:Female Character Series Vol.11
          $27.34 / 2,970JPY
          [Japanese Anime Voices: Female Character Series Vol.11] contains over 120 sounds of 1 character in this hi-res voice material set.
          Serial ProductGirl

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