young man-Sapo

  • young man-Sapo [あんかけプリン]
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young man-Sapo [あんかけプリン]
サークル名 あんかけプリン
販売日 2024年02月18日



My parents are on vacation and it's just me and my big sister.
She says she wants something.
And to earn money, she wants me to play with her friends.
Of course I like to play with them, so I say yes.
I don't know how it works, but we can get a lot of money just by playing with her friends.
She said it is called "support".

After a while, my sister's friend came to my house.
She started to look at me.
I felt strange.

Then she started to touch my body!
I didn't like it, but my sister held me down, and they started to naughty things!
And then, another friend came. One and another!

I've never played anything like this before!

[Simulation game]

It's a touch game where you do naughty things to young man.
Call your sister's friends and let them do various actions to him.

You can get more money by having sex.

You can enjoy, random, hand jobs, kisses, blow jobs, breast jobs, real sex, watching hand jobs, and watching foot jobs.

Also, you can get H points.
The more H points you get, the more you can do naughty things.

Optional undressing, deep kissing, masturbation hole, additional breasts tits
Additional doggy, Additional Miyako sex, Additional cosplay(swimsuit), Additional cosplay (teacher), Ejaculation +1

You can take off or put on your clothes, and change your position (spreading legs) freely!
A variety of women (friends) and costumes to choose from!

In the free mode, you can customize your favorite woman!

hair, eyes, clothes, personality, glasses, etc.

You can call various friends, so you can have sex with your favorite friends anytime you want.


The animation is very smooth.
There are a variety of differences of the animations.

[Voice actors]

Miyako, Swimming Club, student (voice only)
Momoka Kosuzu

young man, Classmate, Lady teacher
Mayuki Mashiro


This game is made with Unity. Please try the trial version first.
The screen size can be selected from 1280x720, 1600x900, 1920x1080, and full screen.
The game can be played with mouse only.
You can adjust the volume of BGM, Sound, and Voice.
Once you've seen a story, you can replay it from "Memories".
Secret tips are available in the full version. Locking the animation, increase or decrease the meter, etc.

(English product description provided by the creator.)