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Lethal Operation Rugitta
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Shooty awesomeness! More action RPG balance.
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  • Release: Jul/19/2016
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Pickup!Side Scrolling Shooter with RPG mechanics

Jul/21/2016   By jseahReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Review on version 1.34, just past the 3rd stage.

Lethal Operation Rugitta is a sidescrolling shooter with somewhat RPG bent. Characters have levels which governs damage dealt and received, so this is a bullet hell game for people who can't play them like bullet hell games are supposed to be played. (ie. avoiding screenfuls of bullets)
Simply put, grind enough and any stage will become easy eventually. And almost all stages can be replayed indefinitely.

And this game does have replayability. Stages have achievements, whether it is complete in a set time, kill a certain number of enemies, or true to bullet hell games, not get hit. This rewards coming back to earlier stages for completion's sake, and certain stages' achievements simply cannot be completed in a single run.

Furthermore, attacks of the characters can be customized in RPG equipment style. The variety of different mechanics, from lock on, melee attacks, homing and lasers and even summoning helpers, with a combination of attributes like break or dash, add a very welcome variety. Equipping characters with various weapons actually plays and feels different.

Story-wise, it is a light comedy despite the save the world mission the main character is on. While some might find the art style of the characters amateurish, the clean lines of the characters add to their simple charm. Rugitta's expressions in particular are endearing in her mischievousness, exasperation and honest happiness.

Interesting characters and a bright comedic tone will at times bring smiles, although not quite laugh out loud or cutting edge wittiness. And while the story doesn't treat itself seriously, the combination of light-hearted comedy and a wacky humor make it a strong offering.

Overall, Lethal Operation Rugitta is a polished game that makes others pale in comparison. An easy recommendation.

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