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Captive Tohsaka
Mix Station
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Rin from F*te/stay series as a prisoner.
CG SetHTML + ImagePDF Included
  • Release: Dec/07/2015
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Nice bondage schoolgirl pics

Apr/03/2017   By Superbadius

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Like most everything put out by MixtureStation, this work doesn't have any actual sex or r*pe or anything like that. Or even nudity.

Just suggestive images. But it's still some really good bondage!

I have several works by this author, and I'm never disappointed (except in the lack of hardcore stuff, of course). It's classy.

Recommend it if you just want a few scenes to get your imagination going. The PDF file has text in it too, so you can read that also. I mostly just look at the pics, though.

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