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Off Deck Holiday part.1
$8.76 / 972 JPY
3rd volume in the Sl*m Dunk/St*r Trek themed story about Rukawa and Hanamichi. Can be read as a standalone story.
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  • Release: Mar/25/2010
  • DL: 2

A sad but happy story

Aug/30/2015   By feebeeReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Rukawa left Sakuragi 3 yrs ago for a Science officer course aboard, Sakuragi actually broken hearted and did not want to face that far away history because Rukawa's away was too sad.
In this episode, they boarded on Moon for a short holiday but some accident occured and it should be staying in one carriage with Oxygen, but Hanamichi saved a doggie and couldnot leave the carriage, and Rukawa rushed in with him alone at the last second, he just want to stay with Hanamichi no matter how dangerous the situation is.
A great first volume and couldnot wait to read the conclusion volume.

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