Released on Feb/12/2011 (2 works)

Mattari Hunter Life 2 -Hikari Edition-
$10.60 / 1,080 JPY (Point 3%)
Fantasy RPG and sugoroku sequel. More content, more scenarios, more voiced characters.
Doujin GameRole-Playing Executable File with Voicewith Musicwith Trial Version
  • Release: Feb/12/2011
  • DL: 0

Enzeru Puran (Angel Plan) OST
Trinitron CG
$4.24 / 432 JPY (Point 3%)
Original soundtrack to the wildly popular Maniax ADV game.
Doujin SoftwareMusic MP3 File with Music
  • Release: Feb/12/2011
  • DL: 0

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