Released on Mar/30/2010 (3 works)

Utatane Mix 2 [utataneyashiki]
Utatane Mix 2
$4.49 / 540 JPY (Point 3%)
This is a sequel story to Utatane Mix, where the easy-going daily life of the strange Vocal*id family is described.
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I'm not NEET if I join a club [Arithia]
I'm not NEET if I join a club
$3.59 / 432 JPY (Point 3%)
A 4-panel style comedy manga about the relationship between music club members.
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Alkaloid ENERGY 5 [Iroiro zakkaten]
Alkaloid ENERGY 5
Iroiro zakkaten
$6.29 / 756 JPY (Point 3%)
Okita is injured in the arm and retreats from the front line.
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