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          Released on Sep/25/2018 (0 works)

          Secret Kiss [Chinese Version]
          $2.87 / 324JPY
          H*kuto Ijuin x Rui M*ita / 12-page manga
          Josei MangaBoys Love
          Your little sister is good at ear cleaning
          Ebi Tempura Pillow
          $2.87 / 324JPY
          An audio work where your cute little sister cleans your ears. (CV: Yume)
          HealingBinauralASMRGirlYounger SisterEar Cleaning

          Released on Sep/24/2018 (0 works)

          With Girlfriend, on the Way Home ~Shurina Yukihara~
          $9.57 / 1,080JPY
          "Will you walk slowly...for me? I'm a slow walker but I feel like I can walk along with you."
          HealingTotally HappyPredictable StoryBinauralASMREncounter
          Test Subject G (CV: Yuusuke Shirai)
          $17.23 / 1,944JPY
          "Why do you look at me in such eyes? Don't worry, you're you."
          Young ManIntellectualWhite coatRomanceDrama/Daily LivingPure LoveRomanceRomance
          OTOME NO NURIE 22 -OHIMESAMA 1985-B-
          $2.87 / 324JPY
          *** Reprint of a 1980s girl's color book! *** Draw the designs of your liking on their retro clothing in this coloring book style work. 23 images, 46 pages
          KISEKAE 2 [Pretty Dolly 1993-6]
          $4.78 / 540JPY
          *** Reprint of a 1980s girl's color book! *** Draw the designs of your liking on their retro clothing in this coloring book style work. 22 pages
          Clothes Changing
          That night
          Hot Spring Ninja
          $2.87 / 324JPY
          A science fiction young adult story about a youth who has a link to his younger self, and tried to save his classmate from dying in a tragic accident.
          Shonen MangaSeinen MangaSF

          Released on Sep/23/2018 (0 works)

          Guardian Angel, please soothe me! (Bright Type)
          $3.82 / 432JPY
          A hypnotic audio for listening on bad days. Your guardian angel (bright type) kindly pats you appreciating your hard work.
          WholesomeHypnotic VoiceAngel/DemonRomanceFantasyRomanceRomance
          Succubus Lady's Efficient Method of Taking Nap - Power Nap
          Office Frog
          $4.78 / 540JPY
          Let's learn how to "power nap" with a succubus lady! (CV: Yufu Hanamigawa)
          Chirarism (Peeping)Onesan/Older Girl/Older SisterNonhuman/Monster Girl
          Magic Cat Jam - Jam Prince
          Mikuna Shirohashi
          $5.74 / 648JPY
          A comic featuring the Magician Jam, from fourth dimensional Pluto. The last volume.
          Funny Love StoryFantasy
          The Pants Man #35
          Mikuna Shirohashi
          $5.74 / 648JPY
          More stories of the pants master from the pants planet.

          Released on Sep/22/2018 (0 works)

          Recreated Recipes From Scratch 2.5D World -Big City, as Always-
          $5.74 / 648JPY
          My attempts to cook real meals from the manga/anime world.
          This Worldend
          $2.87 / 324JPY
          When I refused my junior girl's confession of love, the world ended!! She reforms the world every time I say I can't go with her... When can I say hello to the next Saturday???
          Funny Love StoryHilarious
          Til Sep. 28, midnight (JST)
          Anthology Work "Fantasy"
          redsheep pavilion
          $4.68 $6.7030% OFF / 528JPY756JPY
          An anthology work. M3 2018 release. Stories themed on "Fantasy".
          HealingYoung ManMagic
          Til Oct. 19, midnight (JST)
          [Ear Cleaning] Relaxation Place Iyashiya 8
          $10.33 $11.4810% OFF / 1,166JPY1,296JPY
          "I'll soothe your spirit..."
          MoeHealingEar Cleaning
          Lingerie 48
          $1.91 / 216JPY
          Bodysuits for Custom Girl. 71 colors.
          Clothes ChangingSerial Product
          hypno school
          ero trance
          $10.53 / 1,188JPY
          I created this in an attempt to eradicate all people who can't get hypnotized.
          BinauralHypnotic VoiceTeacherHypnosis
          Chuchu closet
          $6.70 / 756JPY
          A full-color illustration collection that mainly shows original maid girls. C93 release.
          Chirarism (Peeping)GirlMaidLacy/FrilledChinese DressNekomimi (Cat Ears)
          Office Worker Takes Bath with Cat Girl
          $3.82 / 432JPY
          A yuri/lesbian story where an office worker picks up a cat girl and take bath together.
          No MaleSerial ProductOffice WorkerAnimal/PetYuri/Girls LoveNekomimi (Cat Ears)

          Released on Sep/21/2018 (0 works)

          Way of waving hand to children on the vehicle
          $4.78 / 540JPY
          This is kind of a play we personally formed. There are some rules. I want this play to spread all around.
          Drama/Daily LivingNon-fiction/Real Story
          $5.74 / 648JPY
          Introducing "still stretch" that unwinds your body and muscles. Also, you can enjoy viewing a tanned girl.
          Til Oct. 18, midnight (JST)
          [Royalty Free] Sound Effects Library DSKB Vol.3: Fire
          KLV Canvas
          $29.29 $32.5510% OFF / 3,304JPY3,672JPY
          High-quality SFX that can be used for your creation such as games, animes and videos. Vol. 3 contains sounds of attacks related to the fire.
          Til Oct. 18, midnight (JST)
          [Royalty Free] Sound Effects Library DSKB Vol.4: Fire Expansion Kit
          KLV Canvas
          $29.29 $32.5510% OFF / 3,304JPY3,672JPY
          High-quality SFX that can be used for your creation such as games, animes and videos. Vol. 4 contains more versatile sounds of attacks related to the fire.
          One sheep.
          $0.95 / 108JPY
          A sleeping aid voice work that refreshes your tired body.
          MoeHealingMaster and ServantMaid
          Twinkle Ambient Music Materials
          $4.78 / 540JPY
          10 BGM materials in a twinkle and artistic mood. Presented in MP3, looping OGG and M4A format.
          Imaginary Girl
          Studio Color Taste
          $5.74 / 648JPY
          A girl generated from a shut-in boy's imagination appears in front of him.
          MoeEmotional/TouchingYounger SisterFatherFamilyEncounter
          [SFX Materials] Magic Symbol, Activation and Deactivation
          kokko sounds
          $5.74 / 648JPY
          [Crediting Is Optional] This is a collection of sound materials related to the magic best suited to fantasy works.
          Zombie Girls Are Legal!
          Quadrangular Cardboard Box
          $9.57 / 1,080JPY
          A comedy story of zombie girls and a bit eccentric boys.
          Voice Drama "3rd Generation Mini 4WD Girls 1chance!" Chapter 6

          $4.78 / 540JPY
          Minimum racing roman of supersonic girls presented in a series of voice drama!
          Leave the nest
          dawn-system R&D Dept. #3
          $0.95 / 108JPY
          A heart-touching ballad worded by Kaede Akino and sung by Yuuri Satsuki.

          Released on Sep/20/2018 (0 works)

          Red Fox and Debugger
          Rain Fall
          $3.82 / 432JPY
          A short length comedy story about an "instant udon" sent to those foxes.
          GuP Girls Maho-san 3
          $5.74 / 648JPY
          Contains 1-page comics based on G*rls und Panzer with quality revision.
          GuP Girls Maho-san 4
          $5.74 / 648JPY
          A hilarious daily life comic based on G*rls und Panzer. Tank operators in K*romorimine, Anz*o and K*izoku and D*rjeeling have a blast in a conveyor belt sushi restaurant.
          Red Black
          $0.95 / 108JPY
          The sixth work of the 25th century future project!!
          The Hunters on the Bridge
          $2.87 / 324JPY
          An assortment of short-length comedy stories about Ooarai Girls Academy and BC Freedom High School in das FINALE #1's period of time.
          $4.78 / 540JPY
          A story about submarine girls.
          Audio Material pigmyon sound effects 022 - Masked Racer -
          pigmyon studio
          $1.91 / 216JPY
          pigmyon studio is a "man of sounds" who creates sound effects. He fights evil institutions in order to bring joy to tokusatsu fans and game creators!
          HotTransforming GirlRobotWarriorSFFight
          Papercraft: Tetraodon schoutedeni
          Puffers island
          $2.87 / 324JPY
          Puffer paper craft #1: Tetraodon schoutedeni / A small species of friendly pufferfish in Africa.

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