Ci flower Song Starter Pack

  • Ci flower Song Starter Pack [インクストゥエンター]
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Ci flower Song Starter Pack [インクストゥエンター]
Release date Mar/10/2023
All Ages
Product format
Supported languages
  • This product requires a serial number. Please view the [ About Serial Number Issuing ] page and confirm the contents before purchase.
Necessary Settings Commercial Japanese software may not function unless your PC's System Locale, Region, Format, Time Zone, and in some cases Display Language is set to Japan/Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set Windows 10 to Japan/Japanese? ] on DLsite Help.

Product summary

Caution:Contains overlapping content with (VJ014651) [CeVIO AI Song Editor] and (VJ01000288) [Ci flower Song Voice].

Brought to you via CeVIO AI, the next generation of voice synthesizer software, [Ci flower] has arrived.
Retaining flower's rock roots, this program draws out another layer of possibility using CeVIO AI's technology to bring a new bloom to this world.

Simply input your score to the software, click the "play" button and it will produce a realistic singing voice.
You can also automatically add vibrato and vocal slides and fine tune them to create even more realism.


■System Requirements
-Compatible Operating Systems
Windows 11 / 10 (64 bit / Japanese or English)

Intel / AMD Dual Core Processor or higher *4 Core or higher recommended
*low processing power may result in errors during playback (does not affect file input-output)

4GB+ (8GB recommended)

-Minimum Resolution
1280x720 full color

1 license per machine.
Playback requires a Windows compatible output device.
To activate your license and download updates, an internet connection is required.

*Performance may differ between machines of varying specs.
*Additional licenses may be required for the commercial use of this product.


■Serial Number (Product ID)
Upon completion of purchase, on the download screen for the product, you will be presented with two types of serial number (product ID).
- Serial Number 1: [Activation Code (Song Editor)]
- Serial Number 2: [Activation Code (flower)]
Please enter your serial numbers on the confirmation screen after installation.


Windows 11 / 10 (64bit 日本語版または英語版)

Intel / AMD デュアルコアプロセッサー以上 ※4コア以上推奨




「CeVIO AI ソングエディタ」に使用するシリアル番号となっております。

「Ci flower ソングボイス」に使用するシリアル番号となっております。

Product Information / System Requirements

File size
Intel / AMD デュアルコアプロセッサー以上 ※4コア以上推奨
4GB以上 ※8GB以上推奨
Required resolution
1280*720 フルカラー

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