Decaying Flowers(英語版)

  • Decaying Flowers(英語版) [クララソープ]
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Decaying Flowers(英語版) [クララソープ]
サークル名 クララソープ
販売日 2021年10月24日
  • この作品は「PlayDRM型」の作品です。 ご購入前に必ず [ PlayDRMについて ] をご覧の上、動作確認をしてください。


** Story

Lobelia spent unhappy and poor days in his childhood.
He accidentally gains a huge amount of assets which he may not be able to consume within his life.
His life has totally changed, and there is no inconvenience anymore. Everyday, his dreams, which have never been realized, come true.
He has had a blowout for a few years, and almost all of his dreams have come true.
One day, he finds out one document in his mansion's library.
The document seems to be ab I.O.U. which the late mansion owner had exchanged with a store manager.
Reviewing it, a significant amount of interests has summed up until now.
Robelia has been involved not only in official entertainment but in illegal ones, interested in it.
Immediately, he starts investigation into that store.

After investigation, he finds that the shop owner couple have already been dead,
and their only daughter is now managing to run the store.
She has failed to pay his debt for many months, and the payback amount is just minute.
Robelia is much well-off for women, and enjoyed with prostitutes so much to be fed up with them.
In the world of rich men, every kind of play with every beautiful girl can be realized just by paying money.
Especially, Robeila loves a play to mentally hunt down a girl and take control of her.
This overwhelming hierarchical relationship, financial gaps and pure innocent girl...
He must be able to feel a real sense of domination, which he can never gain just buying women with his money.
Looking at the I.O.U., Robelia solitary has a leering smile on his face.

"I'm going to make this girl my obedient sl*ve..."

** Game system

In this game, you repeat jobs and adventures to pay back your debt.
You can get treasures by exploring dungeons.
Your HP and MP decrease if you keep working, so you need to take a break often.
It is a simulation RPG with Debt Repayments and Adventure.

** Erotic event

To domesticate an innocent girl to become an obedient sl*ve.
Every scene has scenario difference, and you can enjoy various performance even in the same event.
A pure and innocent girl is domesticated, gradually corrupted into sexual pleasure.
She is taken her initiatives in any cases. This game is recommended to whom loves to bully a girl thoroughly.

** Characters

* Lobelia

A predominant man who hate anything he cannot do as he likes.
He is not a man of great strength, rather good at put pressure on someone not with violence but with words.
Maybe because he had an experience of poor childhood,
he feels unconscious disgust when he sees someone pressed for money just like in his childhood.
Since he had obtained the huge amount of assets, he has no need to suppress his desire any more.
He is now realizing his dreams and ideas somehow or other.

* Marpel

An adolescent girl grown up with a plenty love from her parents.
She is not so active, rather passive type girl.
She is intermediately amiable, and not particularly bad at socializing, but
weak-hearted from her nature, and doesn't like a shouting voice and well-built men.
She has an age-appropriate knowledge about sexual behaviors, but not so well-experienced.
Her parents died with remaining large debt, and she is running a restaurant by herself.