[ENG Ver.] Sweet Sex With Chubby Nao Makes Me Melt

  • [ENG Ver.] Sweet Sex With Chubby Nao Makes Me Melt [Translators Unite]
Release date Apr/25/2024
Author なこ汁
Illustration なこ汁
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Nao loves two things: eating and...me. Today while eating a large portion of ramen for lunch, she looked as beautiful as always! I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing her happy face.

Amongst everyone, only Nao doesn't mind her weight and preserves her plumpness, which when you think about her high body temperature, soft skin, and supple skin, makes sex super enjoyable.

For a frail and dull guy like me, having Nao by my side and comforting me physically and mentally is the best thing I can ask for!

36 pages (cover page included)
JPEG, PDF format
Sexual themes include nipple teasing, fellatio, fingering, creampie sex and more.

Twitter/X: @Nako_sir

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