• Imigo [ファッキンフェアリー]
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Imigo [ファッキンフェアリー]
販売日 2024年03月24日


** Summary

This is a ***** RPG with animation and screaming voices.
An outrageously crazy and dangerous man searches for women, ***** them up, ******** them, and ***** them.

** Prologue

There was an story....
Abandoned deep in the mountains.
He was hideously disfigured and his parents locked him up.
He was treated as if he were not even a person.
Not even given a name,
they say he still lives in the mountains...
...... This is the story that has arisen over the past few years.

** Sex scenes

Hard ****, in which various devices are used on unresisting women.
The sex scenes are unbearably brutal and ruthless to watch...

The event scenes will never stop with the animation and the crying of the women.

** Points of attention

No mercy at all in this maximal ***** game!
Realistic voice and animation by the voice actors! Must see it, must feel it!

** Characters

(No.1) Reila VA: Mei Satsuki
A female student at one of the most famous private high schools in the city.
She loves animals and studies hard to become an animal doctors in the future.

She is fashionable and always takes care of her appearance.
She hates bad things and has a positive personality.
***** on the way to go shopping with her friends...

(No.2) Karen VA: Shiki Persia
The only daughter of a wealthy family.
She is a pretty and graceful woman with her own pace.
She has been interested in music since her ********* and dreams of becoming a pianist in the future.
***** on her way to piano lessons...

(No.3) Mirei VA: Ria Narumori
A small woman who still has an innocent look.
Because of her lack of life experience, she has no doubts.
Her big sister is Miharu.
***** while playing with her friends at a park...

(No.4) Miharu VA: Ria Narumori
Mirei's older sister.
She is a strong person who loves her sister.
She hates to lose and has a strong sense of justice.
Her parents have passed away and she has no relatives, so she raises her sister Mirei while working.
***** while searching for Mirei with the police..

** Other

For those who want to see the ***** and ***** scenes right away, we have cheating for the ****lay room.

(English product description provided by the creator.)