Human Farm -Practice Section-English ver.

  • Human Farm -Practice Section-English ver. [とっくり海月]
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Human Farm -Practice Section-English ver. [とっくり海月]
サークル名 とっくり海月
販売日 2024年02月27日
シリーズ名 人間牧場
シナリオ とっくり海月(おはなしの人)
イラスト とっくり海月(おえかきの人)


An exploration RPG all about milking!


In a world where human farms are operated out in the open. The main character, who wants to become a ""milker"", visits a farm for practical training.
While the trainees tour the facilities, trouble occurs!
The training session ends abruptly, and, as our hero wanders around the facility, he meets a slutty older sister-type cow named Ayana.
Ayana ends up liking him and offers a more hands-on practical training!
Will he be able to milk her well?"

Characters introductions

Human Farm -Practice Section-English ver. [とっくり海月]

■ Ayana
The older sister type cow you meet at the facility!
She is a bit of an airhead, but she tries to act like a respectable older sister.
The milking sex she has with the hero was only supposed to be for practical training, but...?!
If you make her fall for you hard, she will come with you!"

Make the cow yours!

Human Farm -Practice Section-English ver. [とっくり海月]

Milk the hell out of the depraved cow you met on the site of your practical training!
Talk to various people and get items to advance and win Ayana over!

A simple exploration RPG

Human Farm -Practice Section-English ver. [とっくり海月]

No combat Simple Exploration RPG Can be saved any time.
Long erotic scenes! Diverse expressions! 14 base CGs 15 erotic scenes.
This is a simple exploration RPG with absolutely no combat. You can save and load games any time, you can play at your own pace.

All kinds of play!

Human Farm -Practice Section-English ver. [とっくり海月]

"Suspension, compression, exhbitionnism, heat, dogeza, cosplay, fellatio... All kinds of play await you!
Seduxe Ayana and bring her along with you in the farm!"

(English product description provided by the creator.)