[ENG Ver.] Dreamy Fucklife with a Busty & Brilliant Manga Artist Babe

  • [ENG Ver.] Dreamy Fucklife with a Busty & Brilliant Manga Artist Babe [Translators Unite]
Release date Mar/12/2024
Author エルトリア
Scenario 川原圭人
Illustration あおいせな / まうめん
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A manga editor's success story which all began from a fateful encounter... with a beautiful manga artist!

Working at an exploitative editing department, the protagonist has no hope of getting ahead in life.
A working environment that is behind the times... a boss that uses his authority to get away with harassment... and unpaid wages in the form of "service overtime."
Nonetheless, the man endures... while his mind and body are slowly but surely worn away...

Then, one day, he encountered a female university student who is a fledgling illustrator, and his life is changed forever. "I want to debut as a manga artist!" she proclaims.
The editor is tasked with launching a new manga app for the department, and he ends up working together with the illustrator to design the billboard.

As the two work together on bringing the project to success, they become rather intimate and...

53 main pages (including cover)
+ 51 without dialogue variations
+ Illustration materials

Circle's X (Twitter): @glanblue_0079

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