Maker2000!! ♀RTP and XXX

  • Maker2000!! ♀RTP and XXX [プリティ毒きの子]
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Maker2000!! ♀RTP and XXX [プリティ毒きの子]
サークル名 プリティ毒きの子
販売日 2023年03月27日
更新情報 2023年07月28日
シリーズ名 二次創作
Install the free software "RPG Maker 2000 RTP"


Game content

This game is a game to play with R○G Maker 2000 and 2003 RTP (female default character main) and do naughty things.
A lot of things that made the illustration collection "Maker2000!! default character ☆ erotic pictures" (RJ01029550) sold separately into events are included.

There are about 180 CG including variations.

There are 25 RTP girls, but there are some characters that are not involved.
* Even if there is no entanglement, you may be able to peek at the affair cheating and lesbian play between characters.

The main character has a girlfriend, and her role is general female A.
The girls around town are almost all acquaintances of the main character.
After entering multiple names, the game will start.
* Names can only be entered in Japanese (hiragana or katakana).

There are 5 endings, including a bad ending.

・Consent Acts
・Sexual act after negotiation is established
・Suddenly erotic act
・Forcing or ordering
・Encounter other people's erotic scenes
・Obtaining and using adult toys
・Mischief and peeping with drugs that make you invisible
・photo shoot

We have prepared various situations such as.

**Precautions when playing the main story**
Some specifications are different from the trial version.
Do not use the save data from the trial version in the main story, and be sure to start from the beginning.

genre or category

Cuckold, Creampie, R*pe, Forced/Forced, Lovey-dovey sweet, Affair/Cheating, Couple
Kiss,Blowjob,Mouth Cum Shot,Titty Fuck,Facial Cumshot,Handjob,Squirting
Urination,Masturbation,Outdoor/Exposed,Aokan,No Bra,No Panties,Lesbian/Yuri,Anal
S Woman, M Woman, Pervert, Slut, SM, M Man, Married Woman, Older Sister, L*lita, Big Tits
Tool, toy, vibrator, rotor, electric machine, collar, handcuffs, restraint, confinement

About toys (product version only)

It is sold at a shop of a female merchant.
It will be a transaction by barter rather than money.

Five characters can use toys.
In order to use it, it is essential that you have completed normal play with the corresponding character at least once.
*There are exceptions for certain characters

Invisible Man (product version only)

If you complete a certain event, you can receive it as a reward from a certain character.
*Cannot be used in combination with other tools (such as toys).

bonus room (product version only)

Once cleared, you can enter the bonus room.
Here's what you can do:

・Start playing from the second round onwards
・ Recollection of erotic events for each character (collected events only)
・ 5 types of ED viewing (collected ED only)

(English product description provided by the creator.)


  • 2023年07月28日