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Kitty Cat Hearth
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An anthropomorphic cat girl will warm your heart, body and soul. (CV: Natsumi Takamori)
Inc. VoiceTrial
HealingBinauralEar CleaningRomanceRomanceRomanceNekomimi (Cat Ears)Tail
  • Release: Apr/25/2017
  • Purchased: 27x
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Pickup!beautiful and professional, and wants to break your heart

Aug/09/2017   By MithalduReviewer Rank: 10

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Pickup!Seems overpriced for what you get... but totally isn't!

Jun/11/2017   By イオレク・バーニソン

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At first glance this file seemed excessive to me - twenty dollars for a standard-length "healing" type of relaxation file? Crazy! However, when you look closer it begins to make sense: a top-grade professional voice talent, and professional design talent working on the file, etc... and I'm glad to report, it totally delivers.

This file might just be the best produced, best sounding, most professionally voiced of all the files on DLsite, and if you're into the kind of thing it does, I have to recommend it. This is like a fine wine, this is paying for the luxury course, and you notice the difference very quickly. Everything about this file is meticulously perfected, and it more than earns the price tag. Highly recommended.

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