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$1.90 / 216JPY
Ear cleaning and ambient outdoor (pavement) sounds for audiophiles.
Inc. VoiceTrial
HealingASMREar Cleaning
  • Release: Jul/31/2015
  • Purchased: 5x

A perfect collection of ear cleaning and ambient sounds

Nov/01/2016   By SalamoReviewer Rank: 5

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This 5th volume collection by Lyto is worth your money, it really is even if ear cleaning is not your cup of tea (19 minutes of a pretty good ear cleaning) it has an amazing set of outdoor sounds. That's the reason I bought that set and oh boy was I right !
The two along the pavement sound tracks (for a total runtime of 16 minutes) are perfect if you are looking for ambient outdoor sounds. The quality of the recording and the quality of the sound files make it a perfect match. Not too loud, not too quiet, you feel like being right in the middle of a pavement, just looking at people and cars during day light or during the evening.

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