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Kyonko and Little Girl and Feminization
$5.76 / 648JPY
Haruhi Suzum*ya's Kyon is turned into a girl... a very, very young girl!?
  • Release: Aug/10/2013
  • Purchased: 7x

Pickup!Very Kawaii!

Aug/14/2013   By Grandiaplayer

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This is definitely for the Har*hi fans! Ky*n wakes up to find his body replaced with that of a very young girl's body. Of course, he still has to go to school, which is where the comedy begins. He first encounters Nag*to, who only seems to be frustrating at best. Then, of course, is Mik*ru, who proceeds to smother him because of how cute he is. Then, finally, Har*hi shows up and makes matters worse by somehow coming up with a potion that turns herself into a baby that Ky*n has to take care of! On top of the manga, there are some bonus pictures of the characters.

Any fan of Har*hi should certainly pick this up!

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