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Toho soccer mousyuden
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"It's alright! Cuz it's not handling!!!" A Bullet Hell Soccer game with C*p-Tsuba system!
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  • Release: Jan/24/2018
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Pickup!Soccer RPG that delivers the fiercest of kicks!

Feb/08/2018   By Tragic Beam

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If you are a fan of the old Ts*basa games, you will feel right at home here.

For everyone else you are looking at a rather fluid and fast-paced Turn-Based Soccer game, where any action or movement counts towards the timer of the match. Movement of the ball of the field is as easy as pushing a direction when it's in your possession but costs 10 seconds from the clock. Time counts down more rapidly when the ball is in air from a pass or shot. Actions expend a character's (Guts) stat which slowly refills when they don't have the ball or a percentage is resotred during half-time. Whenever someone with the ball encounters other players on the field you are given several options depending on if you are offense or defense, and the majority of the game is played out in these options.

While the basic interaction with the game is surprisingly entertaining, the game's usage of the touhou characters is taken to a zany extreme, where much of the dialogue is played up for comedy purposes, and characters' abilities are shown to be extremely slapstick or dangerous.
Several characters get special abilities they can use that act as agumented versions of basic abilites, some even featuring well-made and over the top cinematics that play out.

The game is divided into several modes.
Main Scenario has you play as Reimu and her team through a linear scenario.
Sub Scenarios offer smaller sets of stories based around characters that allows you to unlock secret skills.
All-Star Mode which allows you to build teams from the roster of characters you have unlocked to do exibition matches.
Travel Mode, which allows you to pick a captain and build your team over the course of a new scenario from shopping for new characters and equipment between matches.

Whether or not you are a fan of Touhou or even soccer, this game offers a wealth of entertainment for both fans and those looking for a fresh experience.

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