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Sakura Saki 4
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A love comedy about the happenings at a certain academy.
  • Release: Jun/09/2010
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Pickup!The HS Romance Continues

Feb/08/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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MANAM's Sakura Saki is a Highschool Romance story about a Freshman named Yuuki. In volume 4 Yuuki and Saki become closer when they sit and talk together on a bench.

The art is, as usual, pretty good; nothing really has changed at all from the previous volumes style wise aside from some bonus color pages at the end of this volume. The story is starting to get more interesting at this point and I'm genuinely interested at what's going to happen next.

Overall I highly recommend Sakura Saki 4 to anyone whom enjoyed the previous volumes or is looking for a good romance manga.

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