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TRINITY -Orchestra Side-
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Music from Touhou's Seirensen is arranged into orchestral style.
Inc. Music
  • Release: Jan/14/2010
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Very very relaxing :)

Apr/09/2010   By fry69

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The "Trinity" series is a collection of arrangements in 3 different styles: Orchestra (the one I am reviewing) Metal which is the other product on this site and Trance which was only released on the Japanese DLsite.

This album took me by surprise. When I heard the demos on their website of the orchestral arrangements I wasn't really satisfied with the effort put in. But it was that track translated as "In Minato of Spring" that was the real hook of this album. The arrangement is superb a nice blend of Piano and String parts exchanging the relaxing melody. The music also kept me interested with the introduction of a Harp part and a synthesised Trumpet. Then you have the very tranquil beat happening throughout in the background supporting each part and I thought this was really cleverly done on a production level.

The rest of the music is very good however most instrument samples used are just virtual instruments meaning the strings will sound "midi" like in a way. This didn't really disappoint me since the arrangement and ideas kept each track interesting. Other tracks include a "Pirate of the Caribbean" type of arrangement and some Chamber arrangements of your favourite Touhou themes (String music). Again the production is great but I felt the choice of virtual instruments was abit rushed in comparison to virtual synthesisers used in the Western film and television market.

When the Trinity series was brought to my attention I actually brought all the albums on the Japanese Dlsite simply because I couldn't wait for it to show up on Eng Dlsite. "Trinity Trance" is the best album out of the series however it's not available to purchase on this site. But if you want one album from Frontier Create this one will take you by surprise. It's worth picking up if your interested in music arrangements and production.

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