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Release Dec/28/2017
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(This is the debut work of motorworks.)

Every time you come back home, you are totally wasted from overworking.
But your little mama Uemi-chan warmly welcomes you.
"I'm your mama, you can be as spoiled as you want!"
Feel BubMe in eating candy, tooth brushing, sleep induction and so on.

This binaural audio employs bone conduction technology.
Earphones / headphones are recommended for the best experience.

As a bonus content, "Heartbeat Reflexology" player is added.
Please enjoy it on your smartphone with vibration function turned on.
(Please refer to "readme.txt" for details)
* This is a "Bonus" content. We do not guarantee that this content
properly works on every playback device.

5 tracks / Total length: 62 min 35 sec

- File Format:
WAV (48kHz / 24bit / 0.99 GB)
MP3 (320kbps / 142 MB)

CV: Ruu Aoyagi
Illustration: Yamato (Daikon) ( https://sleeeepershigh.wixsite.com/sleeeepers-high )
Title Logo / Script / Sound Effect / Program: Moota
Production: motorworks ( https://melanieweiss0.wixsite.com/autumnmotor )

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1 user reviews

excellent ASMR with some good diversity

Feb/20/2018  By MithalduTop : 10 Reviewer

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This piece divides into three parts, each preceeded by a minute or so of talking, with two of those voice elements easily deleted by being separate tracks.

The first third is almost entirely marble clacking noises with a tiny bit of talk here and there. The second is partly clacking, and mostly brushing noises, also interspersed with some talk. The last half is heart beat noises with her voice muffled while she counts the beats for half an hour.

These are all recorded with extremely high audio quality, and even if not all of it is for you, it's worth picking up if either the clacking or the heart beat/counting sounds interesting.

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