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Release Oct/22/2016
Last Modified May/10/2017 
Series Priestess
Age Ratings
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Several days after receiving your comforts from Ringo Jinjya.
You are sojourning in the village, when a mysterious letter arrives.

Per its contents you return to the shrine, to meet Sakura and Himawari.

"We shall unburden you of the guilt you carry."

This is the circle's 4th in a "priestess" audio series, ear cleaning and sleepytime.
Enjoy Sakura and Himawari's separate individual attentions, then together.

Soothing theme
Headphones recommended

9 tracks + bonus comment track, letter, comic strip, illust
2 hours 19 min
WAV format
Bonus illust, text

Illust by SUKE, Yumeko

Voices by Damoko.

Created by Amaryllis girl
blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/ringoryokan/
contact: ayano_amaryllis%yahoo.co.jp (change % to @)

Upgrade Information

  • May/10/2017
    Addition of contents

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2 user reviews

Pick Up !The priestess series

Apr/05/2017  By Ivan

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Ahh this series and this product in specific is lovely i love how all the audios made by amaryllis girl have very good mimikaki and an entertaining talk, personally it does helps me relax and sleep easily its one of the best products i have gotten (from amaryllis girl at least that is) i just love the mimikaki it has and the CV's have very cute voice acting too, overall this is a really nice product that helps you relax while you try to sleep.

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A pretty good part four.

Feb/05/2017  By BumBumTop : 6 Reviewer

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This time we've got ourselves a... pettanko presentation so to say. It's pretty much the same as the other 'Ear Cleaning Priestess' parts: mostly talking, little sound effects, mostly ambient. If you're into that, or if you enjoyed any of the previous installements this is for you. With the difference being that this time as the cover shows you're not gonna get smothered with boobs. Damoko is great though, always enjoy her works.

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