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  • SNuff FLag - As Light Sheds On Water Lily - [KaminGames]
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SNuff FLag - As Light Sheds On Water Lily - [KaminGames]
Release Jul/07/2017
Last Modified Sep/12/2019 
Series SNuff FLag
Age Ratings
Work Format
AdventureInc. VoiceInc. Music
 / Horror Adventure Visual Novel
File Format
File Size
  • Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


"SNuff FLag - As Light Sheds On Water Lily -" is a
Horror Adventure Visual Novel where a high school student
"Takayoshi Katou" is invited to the occult research club and
drifts with the club members into the five mysterious stories.

You will face a variety of endings, including happy and melancholic
ones depending on how you progress through the stories.

113 endings in total. When the true end, only one in 113, appears
right before your eyes, whether you accept it as true or not...

...is completely up to you.

* Approx. 10 hours for play-through / 25 hours for all endings
* Approx. 300 choices
* Approx. 550,000 characters
* 113 endings
* Approx. 50 CGs
* This work is created using Live Maker.
* Compatible OS: WindowsVista/7/8/10

*Compatibility test version and trial version are included exclusively to consignment sale.

Daichi (as Takayoshi Katou)
Nonomi Azuma (as Reina Hatori)
Keitarou Kagami (as Satoru Manohara)
Sasorihime (as Shinobu Yoshioka)
Asuta Utsugi (as Renya Mikoshiba)
Ayami Suzunagi (as Yayoi Sakuma)

Mikami Mimi (as Suzune Katou)
Sonia Momoiro (as Ai Manohara)
Rurima (as Megumi Manohara)
Komachi (as Anna Hoshizaki)
Ouma Hakurou (as ???)

Operational Requirements

4GB or more

Upgrade Information

  • Sep/12/2019
    Correction: typosCorrection: bugs/defects
  • Nov/23/2017
  • Sep/04/2017
    Addition of contentsOthers
  • Aug/11/2017
    Addition of contentsOthers

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