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  • The Rest House [Tomimi Retreat]
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The Rest House [Tomimi Retreat]
Release Apr/28/2015
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From Spring M3 2015.

Part voiceless, binaural with ASMR effects. Headphones highly recommended.

Enjoy your holiday.

Ready for someplace new? Take this day to experience a deeply soothing rest house.

12 tracks, approx 130 minutes
Includes meal time, bathtime, midday nap, bedtime, bonus
Includes activities such as massage, eating, washing, ear cleaning
One luxurious day to treat yourself

Voice: Yui Asami http://butterfly.holy.jp/
+ Renge Toudou http://renge.michikusa.jp/ (bonus only)

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1 user reviews


Jan/04/2018  By Lynte Verified Buyer

Loved it!

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First work from Tomimi Retreat that I've bought and I love it. The premise that you take a vacation in the country side. You agree to spend an entire day with Azuchi Hina (played by Yui Asami) at a rest house run by her and her sister.

It's a relaxing work. Though a bit dramatic at the end. Asami-san has a light and friendly voice. She brings cute breaths and heartwarming laughs. You simply spend the day walking, eating, napping and bathing together. She's a little playful as well. This is the first time I've had shoulder massage from a voice work and hey, it worked as well as a voice work could give you a shoulder massage. There are sound effects used to add a little more flavor. And damn does it taste good.

Overall, excellent product for the price.

I recommend some basic knowledge of Japanese to properly enjoy it. Headphones are a must. Listen to it as a treat to yourself during a time to relax.

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