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  • LOVE ADV BGM (32 Music+ 40SE)  [pierrotlunaire]
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LOVE ADV BGM (32 Music+ 40SE)  [pierrotlunaire]
Release Sep/05/2008
Last Modified Oct/08/2013
Series Free Sound Collection - BGM
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This "Love Simulation Pack 2" plus bonus sound effects features 32 songs for game makers.

We've included samplers and physical modeling for sound waves to create high quality sound for each song. This collection covers sounds for every type of game imaginable!

We encourage those game makers who are seeking a source of high quality BGM/ME/SE without having to worry about copyrights to please use this collection.

You can listen to15-30 second samples of each song with our trial version.

*Suggested uses and themes/images for each song are included in a text file loaded on the full product (you cannot access this file in the trial version).

* MP3s are recorded in high-quality 320kbps and sound effects are in Wav format.

Includes 40 bonus sound effects!

Includes PC and DVD tray opening and closing sounds, TV noise, bathroom sounds, and more.

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1 user reviews

Perfect for galge/otoges!

Jul/29/2013  By Mio Verified Buyer

This package of BGMs are just as they advertised: It's perfect for games that are based around 'love simulations'. They also provided a handy track list with the emotion the tracks are trying to provoke, just in case you get stuck on what you should use each track for. The track list is in Japanese, but you only need to have some knowledge to understand what it's saying, and I think Google translate should help, if you don't speak Japanese at all.

This pack is amazing, and I love it!

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