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Scheduled in middle December(6 works)

Scheduled in Middle Dec. 2018
Dialect Speaking Boys' Confessions of Love
a sea route
A set of short audio works illustrating confessions of love by boys from six different prefectures.
GirlsInc. Voice
BoySeniorJunior and Senior StudentsBossOfficeRomanceRomanceRomance
Scheduled in Middle Dec. 2018
Nothern Lights
An original comic for all ages. I drew this because I wanted to illustrate beautiful things and quiet times in my life. (16 pages + 2 pages of bonus comic + 3 color illustrations)
Emotional/TouchingHealingDepressionPlain/NonpersistingDrama/Daily LivingSF
(This title is available for sale)
For whom does the flower bloom
Space whale
The story takes place before Yume became an idol and after Hotaru quit being an idol.
(This title is available for sale)
Slave Girl and Magic of Small Happiness 2
"You saved me. And it is my turn to save somebody." A story of mutual soothing that you spoil your timid slave girl a lot. (CVs: Rito Ichinose / Aino Mimori)
Inc. VoiceTrial
(This title is available for sale)
[Hypnotic Audio] Infinite Trance
._ [Dot-Space]
CV: Karin Inoue * This is a hypnotic audio that you will be hypnotized deep into a trance state.
Inc. VoiceTrial
Hypnotic VoiceGirlAngel/Demon
(This title is available for sale)
Shikata-neechan Goes On
Kogane-chan loves her little brother very much. She goes to her beloved brother's house as always.
Inc. Voice
FamilyDrama/Daily LivingHeartwarming