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Papa Bottom 3 -Grampa Bear!!!-
$7.07 / 756 JPY | 70pt (10% back)
Hentai son and daddy's ordinary life + delusions, part III. Introducing brawny grampa.
X-ratedDoujinshiMangaJPEGBoys' Love
  • Release: Jan/21/2014
  • DL: 7

The new member

Feb/26/2015   By lápizReviewer Rank: 2

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Takezamurai´s original story continues. Our protagonist, Motoi, continues introducing us his family members and showing what He likes from them, the sexiness and cuteness merge again, to present to us situation between this family. Showing their (last characters and the new one) anatomy, waking up the lustful mind of everyone. When you finish this doujin you will be waiting for the other parts of this family.

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