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Sound of Drop - fall into poison - Original Soundtrack
$5.86 / 648 JPY
An original soundtrack of an aquarium horror adventure game "Sound of Drop - fall into poison -". Includes two vocal songs.
MusicFLACInc. MusicComike89
  • Release: May/04/2018
  • DL: 1

A sound of drop, some beautiful themes

May/11/2018   By Dr TentaclesReviewer Rank: Top 50

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When I have play to “Sound of drop – fall of poison” I found that it was too bad that there was not a “musical room” (or an OST) as some of the music are really enthralling. So, when I saw this product, it was an auto-buy.

To be honest, most of the tracks are not top of the art as they have been created to give a feeling, an atmosphere, to a scene without disturb the attention of the player from the scene. However, I found that the opening theme (short and long version, Shizuku no oto) and the main menu theme (Sound of drop) are really amazing so I am really happy of my purchase.The product is cheap and have a good price-quality ratio.

Moreover, the original vocal track of the OST (C*U) turn out to be very good too. My only claim will be that the 3 bonus tracks are instrumental versions of the vocal tracks. The claim is not about the quality of these tracks, this is more personal as I just do not like instrumental version in general.

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