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Walking with Sound of the Bells
Tomimi Retreat
$2.94 / 324 JPY
Presenting relaxing moments with Ten's ear cleaning. (CVs: Renge Toudou / Sakura Kohinata)
VoiceMP3Inc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Feb/22/2018
  • DL: 59
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Pickup!Another good audio

Feb/25/2018   By Kuukoli

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Walking with Sound of the Bells is another good addition to my collection
Tomimi has made another great audio i really liked it the sounds were very pleasing I've been purchasing alot of these audios and none of them has been yet to disappoint me. the binarual sound quality is very good and enjoyable as well, it's very nice to just relax and to other stuff while listening to the audio really makes everyday tasks more relaxing, i would give this audio a 10/10

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