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Re join
$4.91 / 540 JPY
A Full Color background illustration collection. Includes 39 pages / 20 artworks.
  • Release: Jan/23/2018
  • DL: 1

Interesting background illustration

May/02/2018   By Dr TentaclesReviewer Rank: Top 50

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This is a collection of background illustrations which contain 2 modern building in ruin invaded by plants, 8 illustrations of awe-inspiring natural scenery with sometime a touch of fantasy, 4 scenery of modern city, 3 scenery with a huge medieval castle (or city) inside an impressive landscape, 1 underground library, 1 futuristic city lost in mountains and 1 lizard (yes, one lizard, this is not a mistake).

Quality of the illustrations is very good with a lot of variety (from modern city full of neon and concrete to pure, immaculate natural landscape). My only complaint is that there is only a PDF file which is not the optimal format to enjoy the illustrations (a png or jpeg file in addition of the pdf file will have been welcomed).

However, I you are interested in background illustrations you can give it a try. The product is of quality and cheap.

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