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BGM Materials for RPG Vol. 2 ~Supporting Your Creation~
$11.79 / 1,296 JPY
20x BGM that can be used for your creation of fantasy RPG.
MusicWAVInc. Music
  • Release: Oct/21/2017
  • DL: 1

Adorable RPG BGM set

Jan/17/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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This set is pretty big at 20 different tracks and every single one of them is brilliant. It's definitely a full and rich soundtrack that could be used for various fantasy adventure games.

The music files come in three different file formats MP3, OGG and WAV, which is super useful. The OGG especially is handy for me because I always have to use OGG with my projects.

I think it's a really lovely and touching soundtrack, it sounds somewhat nostalgic, reminding me of the types of RPGs I played as a child.

I recommend this set!

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