User reviews for "A set of 20 Royalty FREE Anime/Game music assets"

A set of 20 Royalty FREE Anime/Game music assets
Sakagami Souichi(Trial & Error)
$8.62 / 972JPY
A Compilation of Royalty Free Instrumental & Vocal Music Materials
Inc. Music
  • Release: Jun/11/2017
  • Purchased: 7x

Nice songs, though half are variations

Jul/13/2017   By Barrey

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I am happy having gotten this product, and the songs are of good quality. Still have to find a place to use any of them, just a matter of time.

Really, all I have to say about this one is to mention that while it boasts of 20 music assets, they aren't all "completely unique" music tracks, with a good amount being very different variations of the base tracks.

It IS a good value pack as the different songs and variations included can be found separately and would amount to more than double the cost of this pack.

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