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Timaios Record
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[ASMR] Twinkle twinkle little star, up in the sky that you are, here we be on this earth, to tell a tale of your birth...
VoiceMP3GirlsInc. Voice
  • Release: Mar/30/2017
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Nov/01/2017   By JodoReviewer Rank: Top 50

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I'm always on the hunt for quality asmr, sleep-inducing, calming tracks to listen to. Youtube is a great provider for such content, but I always find myself being a bit picky with certain sounds. Like how I love glass tapping, but some audio files can get too loud, too quiet, or just gets too fast and sharp for my liking.

The crystalites track in this set is just right for me. There's no background noise or distracting reverberation clashing with the pure sound and Joe's low voice is a delight to listen to after my binging of loud talk shows. The sound is also not as repetitive as some audio. Creators tend to tap in a steady rhythm or loop after a while and though that works for me at times, I also prefer if there was not a repeat occasionally. Discord in sound can sometimes be a good thing because they stir up different emotions.

Asides from wanting each track to be longer, they are quite shiver/tingle-worthy and I think any audiophiles could really enjoy how simple and crisp the sounds are. Joe doesn't talk throughout it but he does set up the intro and talks a bit in the last couple of tracks.

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