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Standing postures for game creation Vol. 6 and 7
Blue Forest
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Double pack of character collections for use in game and website creation.
  • Release: Feb/08/2017
  • DL: 10

Useful pack of character art

Jan/04/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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While this may be an odd combination of character art, it's still worth buying the double pack as opposed to getting them separately, as both have their uses within things like visual novels.

I bought this mainly for the men in suits side of the set. It's hard enough as it is finding male pose art, trying to get hold of male character art with older men in it is even more difficult!

This pack is a lifesaver in that regard. If you need any older men for your visual novel, for roles like the headmaster of a school, chief of police, businessman or gangster then it's perfect. There are a decent range of body types, from pretty hefty fellas to slender ones and a good mix of ages too.

The school girls are pretty cute and could easily be placed in a school life visual novel. The fact that the characters all look different, but share the same sort of uniform means that they're a pre-assembled troupe of girls.

You get PNGs and PSDs, so you can use whatever's easiest.

I would recommend this pack.

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