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Kiss the Brain
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Female Voiced ASMR, Sound Fetish. A healing audio work collection with scripts included. Total audio playback time: 1:10:41
VoiceMP3Inc. Voice
  • Release: Jan/30/2017
  • DL: 4

binaural asmr grab bag

Feb/20/2018   By MithalduReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Here's what to expect here:

1. (12m) Outdoors walking sounds, nicely clacky, with some calm but intense wind.
2. (15m) Gum chewing, with a few moments of additional sounds, but mostly that.
3. (13m) Fizzing/hissing/frying.
4. (3m) Cracker chewing.
5. (8m) Ear massage, has some tapping, but mostly fuzzy muted rubbing.
6. (17m) Fireplace sounds with a calm deep female voice reading slowly. This is the only one with significant voice involvement.

All of them are recorded in perfectly fine quality, and, unlike much other ASMR on here, the binaural aspect actually moves the sounds around quite a bit.

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