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Soothing Girl -sayuki-
Butterfly Dream
$2.87 / 324JPY
An innocent ear cleaning and shoulder massage by the girl you like.
Inc. VoiceTrial
HealingASMRLoliEar CleaningDrama/Daily LivingHeartwarming
  • Release: Dec/10/2016
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good performance, but questionable technical quality

Jan/07/2018   By MithalduReviewer Rank: 10

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Performance-wise, very calm, quiet, cute character. A little on the talkative side. Does simple ear-cleaning (though pretty aggressive), then massage patting and cloth rubbing, followed by 20 minutes of quiet breathing with some talking.

Listened to it via my phone, so i cannot guarantee that there wasn't part of the processing chain going haywire, however this is my criticism of this:

It sounded like this was recorded with badly tuned equipment that generated a lot of noise, and the noise then removed in post, resulting in distinct sound artifacts. Made this very distracting to listen to and not relaxing at all.

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