User reviews for "The Little Town Spa Now Offers Little Hand Massages"

The Little Town Spa Now Offers Little Hand Massages
Soft Cat Town
$4.87 / 540 JPY
This sweet girl offers various treatments at the local spa.
VoiceWAVInc. Voice
  • Release: Aug/02/2016
  • DL: 12
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pleasant and relaxing even mix of voice and soft asmr

Feb/20/2018   By MithalduReviewer Rank: Top 50

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This is a good mix of mostly dry rubbing and patting sounds, with constant narration. She uses a fairly young voice but never gets too loud or excited with it, despite incorporating some spirited roleplay. (The last file might get a little too loud though.) Story-wise things stay simple and clean.

There's two editions of the recording in here, one with the original voice set, and one with the voice redone to be more "soft".

Technically the recording quality is very good, even though the asmr sounds are a little subdued. It should be noted though that this contains no mp3 files, it's all wav, so if you need mp3s you'll need to convert them yourself.

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