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Fireworks With First Love Girlfriend [Ear Cleaning] [Fall Asleep]
$8.61 / 972JPY
A pleasant audio date on a festival night with your childhood friend Natsumi.
Inc. VoiceTrial
HealingBinauralASMRChildhood FriendEar CleaningRomanceRomanceRomance
  • Release: Jul/21/2016
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Pickup!Great buy!

Jan/05/2017   By HikiRinReviewer Rank: Top 50

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I was expecting to blow out my ears with the fireworks sfx, but I was surprised by the quality of this work. The fireworks sfx are at a level where they are very enjoyable. They sound pretty awesome. The mimigaki portion is really enjoyable too. A good addition to any mimigaki collection.

The real dealmaker for this buy is the voice actress. By far of all the audio merch I buy Asami Yui has to be my favorite. The VA is the one who voiced most of Tomimi Retreat works so that added on to the reason I bought this. She has a soothing and amiable voice that makes the whole package really worth it.

This is my first buy from this group and I am really happy with it. If you like ASMRs and mimigaki I suggest buying this!

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