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Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Daily Life" part07+extra
$19.76 / 2,160 JPY
This is a set of 13 + variant background materials on the theme of daily life.
  • Release: Jun/19/2016
  • DL: 30
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Pickup!Town and streets, that's all we need

Sep/19/2016   By SalamoReviewer Rank: 5

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This set of BGs is not only amazingly crafted by Minikle, it also focuses on two very simple, yet often missing from visual novel resources, themes.
The streets are made of your average japanese streets and alleys, with day and night variations, all in high quality.
The town is made of a restaurant, a shopping district and some building facades. They all fit perfectly in your game since their design is spot-on.

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