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Sound of Drop - fall into poison -
$11.48 / 1,296JPY
The HD remake of Shizuku no Oto, a Mystery Horror ADV with 31 endings, new graphics, and more
Inc. MusicTrialComike89
Emotional/TouchingHorrorSuspenseYuri/Girls LoveMystery
  • Release: Feb/09/2016
  • Purchased: 8x

Pickup!Could you escape from this aquarium ?

Mar/22/2018   By Dr TentaclesReviewer Rank: Top 50

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It is a classic ADV game with frequent choice to do. When choices appear in blue, it means that they influence the true end. When they appear in red, it means that a bad answer results in a bad end and a game over. There is a total of 4 True End and 27 Bad End (but some of them are almost identical). The horror is present but the game does not really try to scary the player and the mystery feeling is predominant (but sometimes there is blood). The location, an aquarium, is original and the events mainly involve aquatic animals with developed, distorted and/or amplified abilities transforming them in unnatural and deadly traps.

The story is interesting, the mysteries about the aquarium, Mari and the other visitors are slowly revealed and you never get bored. Even after finishing the game one time, the various ending are different enough to keep the player playing (and there is an additional sequence revealing some elements about two characters when you start again a new game). The characters are charismatic, with different personalities (and a very good design). There are no voices, but this is the only weak point of the game. The BGM is OK at the exception of the main title menu and main theme which are amazingly good.

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