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Mimisen Kokkuriya - Hatsuhai [Binaural] [Ear Cleaning]
ippatu yarukai
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Attention from a mofu mofu shrine maiden with fox ears. Her name is Mikura.
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  • Release: Feb/06/2016
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Relaxing Kitsune Singing (Mostly Voice Only)

Mar/03/2016   By PlacehldrPigeon

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This is a good product with a little caveat.

Most of the main content involves the fox shrine maiden singing and speaking to you melodically, with whispering and blowing in the ears. This is mostly a voice only work - there are some ear cleaning sounds in the bonus but that's it.

The voice is gentle and pleasing and the singing is nice - Renge Toudou continues to do great work! The gentle playfulness of the singing tone and the varied delivery and pacing of the words gives the character an exotic feel fitting for a kitsune.

If you like singing and lullaby type ASMR works or just want a different type of tone you might enjoy this one. But if sound effects and the usual ear cleaning noises are important to you then you might be disappointed.

A technical note: these are untagged WAV files and there are no MP3s. I could not get proper Japanese to display for the track names on my machine - only unreadable symbols. The proper filenames show up on the DLsite Play Directory however.

Another small note: The final track in the normal set (13) is kind of an abrupt change in tone so maybe leave it out if you're going for sleep or relaxation.

These are minor things though and the product is still a quality relaxing piece with some nice voice work!

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