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Game Maker Icons Pack: Armor & Gear
$11.48 / 1,296JPY
A collection of 24x24 size pixel icons.
  • Release: Jun/16/2015
  • Purchased: 12x
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Pickup!Great Material!

Aug/21/2015   By ChiiReviewer Rank: 9

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Great Material for RPGs and the like.

Has a lot of diversity that I can use for most situations.

For those who are curious about the pack contents, there's around 479 icons. And instead of doing recolors, the artist is kind enough to make them stand out from each other. These subtle details are very much appreciated!

Easy to imitate if I need to add more variations or recolors. Thank you very much for the cool material!

If there is going to be a Part 2, glasses would be an awesome add-on.

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