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LEVEL SEVEN -Seventh Dr*gon Arrangements-
$6.70 / 756JPY
A tribute rock album based on Seventh Dr*gon. 10 tracks. MP3+WAV
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  • Release: Jan/12/2014
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Great Arrange Album

Feb/15/2018   By ahiruReviewer Rank: Top 50

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This album is a great tribute to Seventh Dr*gon. It takes the original compositions and arranges them with the rock style that Yohsui O'asa and ECE-SMZ is known for.

I like the remixes here almost more than the original tracks. Each song retains the feeling of the originals, but it's elevated in a way that gives it more energy and makes it stand out on its own.

I recommend checking this out even if you aren't a fan of Seventh Dr*gon. If you like ECE-SMZ's other music or RPG sounding rock tracks, you should definitely give this a listen.

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