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Male Pose Art Materials vol.1
$8.12 / 864 JPY | 80pt (10% back)
Posed character artwork for free use in your games, etc.
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  • Release: Sep/24/2013
  • DL: 28
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3 male characters

Nov/23/2016   By redpandagamesReviewer Rank: 3

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This product was originally released on Sep/24/2013, but was updated on Aug/19/2015. At first, I thought it was one character with three poses, but they are separate characters and each have their own .psd file. The clothing can be removed and each have their own accessories. The files are designed for Photoshop, so if you use a different editing program, some effects may not come through. For example, clothing patterns may extend outside of their bounding boxes when not using Photoshop, but you can still edit it. This is a good accompaniment to other products within the same circle.

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