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My Cute Angels.
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Two sensitive girls clash over fantastic female issues!?
  • Release: Jan/13/2012
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Somewhat Entertaining

Feb/01/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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Nonbiriya's "Boku no Kawaii Tenshitachi" (My Cute Angels) is a short manga which basically just consists of 2 girls (Lora and Maria) arguing. I'm not entirely sure, but this Doujin may or may not be related to the Yukyu Gens*kyoku video game series (I'm pretty sure one of the minor characters in this is from it).

To start the art is quite good. The character designs are quite good and cute. As for the story, it's not much (simply an argument as I said before). Regardless of this lack of story though, the dialogue and the course the epic argument takes is quite entertaining. However it's not THAT funny and thus I can only call it decent at best.

Overall Boku no Kawaii Tenshitachi is a decent doujin and a good entertainment for a few minutes.

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