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KAMISHIRO Works Vol.01 GENO KLAUE series -5th anniversary edition-
$0.98 / 108JPY
Kamishiro presents a 40-page collection focused around Geno Kl*ue from Z*IDS.
  • Release: Nov/29/2011
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I never thought this was possible

Dec/21/2011   By Taihen HentaiReviewer Rank: Top 50

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As the title says, this model is something I've always thought was impossible to do, but I was proven wrong. Although I don't want to work with Z*ids, this work is the thing i have wanted to do for some time. The combination of Z*ids, Z*id Blox, and Armored C*re parts is truly superb, and the Magnesser wings systems are the highlights of this kit bash. Honestly, it is worth the $4.05, and the amount of material is simply astounding, as to how much this person fit in. I would really like to see more works like this.

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