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Eternal Triangle [Ai mai me]
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Eternal Triangle
Ai mai me
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Catgirl Homura and Madoka and Mami heartwarming comic.
PuniNekomimi (Cat Ears)
  • Release: Jun/21/2011
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Pickup!A Heartwarming Parody of Madoka

Feb/10/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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Ai mai me's "Eternal Triangle" is a parody of Mahou Sho*jo Madoka Mag*ca in which Homura is a catgirl whom Madoka adopts and has a "rivalry" of sorts with Mami. Contains various parodies of Madoka and also cute Yuri moments.

Anyways the art in Eternal Triangle is very good. All the characters are drawn in an absolutely adorable style; especially Homura. The dialogue/story is well written with both funny and heartwarming moments. Furthermore the writing is quite simple and easy to read (in terms of kanji) and even those not very proficient in Japanese shouldn't haven't too much trouble.

Overall "Eternal Triangle" is one of my favorite Madoka Doujin I've read so far and would definitely recommend it to any Madoka fans, especially if you like HomuMado Yuri pairings.

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